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Fig.: Monique Hamelmann

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Professional School of Education

Partner School Kolleg

Developing professionalism together within the context of best practice

The Partner School Kolleg unites Humbolt-Universität contacts and collaborations with its partner schools and cooperation schools in Berlin and abroad. We consider contact with school practice to be essential for successfully linking up theory and practice in teacher training and for scientific projects in the research environment of schools.

Contact with best practice

The Partner School Kolleg coordinates and consolidates existing school cooperations which have been extended and networked in conjunction with subject departments. It shapes contact with Humboldt-Universität partner schools with which the university has cultivated particularly close and long-term cooperations in teacher training.

Inform – discuss – develop together

Through regular events and discussions, the Partner School Kolleg provides a forum for dialogue between the university and schools as partners in the practical school training phases of teacher training. The objective is to agree on common standards for helping students with theory-led reflection on their experiences in practical environments and to support learning by research.                                 

Humboldt goes into schools

The Partner School Kolleg supports specific projects with schools and provides information about Humboldt-Universität’s wide range of school services. Through the Professional School of Education (PSE), it provides access to pupil societies, the Pupil Course of Lectures support services for pupils during their transition to university, and scientific support on PSE key areas for partner schools through the research centre.



Fig.: Bernd Prusowski
Fig.: Bernd Prusowski


Placement abroad under the teacher training programme

The Partner School Kolleg helps trainee teachers in all subject areas to complete a practical placement in a German school abroad or a foreign school. At German schools abroad, the majority of teaching is completed in German under local reference frameworks. The schools also promote inter-cultural exchange between pupils with different native languages and cultural backgrounds.

Students are supervised by experienced German teachers abroad during the placement. This stay abroad combines targeted profession-oriented practical experience with a very special inter-cultural experience. The placement is funded and can be accredited as an academic achievement.