Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Professional School of Education

Design-based research

This working group helps trainee teachers with the methodological planning and construction of a (final) degree project falling under the research guidelines of design-based research (DBR). It focuses on the theoretical foundation of this research approach, developed during classes and lectures. Students also have numerous points of contact for gaining their first practical experience in this field of research.

What is design-based research?

In terms of teacher training and continuing education, design-based research is an innovative methodological research approach aiming to establish close ties between scientific knowledge discovery and the further development of teaching practice. Based on current didactic problem areas, this focuses on developing specific, high-quality products for use in teaching (e.g. materials, tasks, diagnosis and support tools) as the result of the scientific research process. Research work in the context of design-based research has a cyclical configuration. In other words, testing concepts in teaching enables valuable conclusions to be drawn regarding the design and impact elements of the intervention. The findings gained in practice serve as the starting point for an in-depth understanding of the intervention’s structure and effect, with a second step being to refer back to theory in order to validate and further develop the tools used.

What do we offer students?

One particular focus of the design-based research working group is its academic programme for students, consisting of a lecture and a variety of classes. The lecture demonstrates the potential of design-based research for both school development and personal teaching development. It examines particular characteristics in comparison with related research areas and illustrating its importance for personal professionalisation. The classes use a common concept and methodology to interconnect the different didactics areas. Students work independently on a topic relevant to education and use it to test the DBR steps. The working group also offers the option of supporting master’s thesis falling under the research guidelines of design-based research.