Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Professional School of Education

Pupil Course of Lectures

The Humboldt Pupil Course of Lectures is a project that promotes equal opportunity in the transition from school to university. We advise and support at secondary school pupils who want to be the first in their family to attend university and who are interested in (teacher training) studies. We aim to support pupils and their families in the transition from school to studies from both the technical and organisational perspectives.

Financial advice

We offer individual advice to help find suitable student funding. There are many ways of financing studies and also many benefits available to students. Scholarships are a particularly useful way of funding studies.

Help with the fifth examination component

The Humboldt Pupil Course of Lectures helps senior pupils work on the fifth examination component of their Abitur, the German secondary school degree. Pupils select a theme and a presentation format that interests them, and spend an extended period of time doing independent cross-disciplinary work. This is where the Pupil Course of Lectures comes into play.

Interested pupils are given the opportunity to receive long-term support for the fifth examination component. Divided by subject area, they receive guidance from a trainee teacher in the relevant subject, from choosing a topic to preparing for the examination. Interested pupils apply for this long-term supervision by submitting an outline of their project idea.

Information for parents

Parents want to support their children in choosing studies and a career, but often have many questions themselves. The Humboldt Pupil Course of Lectures at the PSE directly targets interested parents and families, aiming to provide information as required as their children choose a course of study.

PSE staff members offer events on a variety of topics. They include information about the requirements for university studies, an overview of the course of a (teacher training) study programme and a student’s daily life, funding opportunities and career prospects for graduate teachers. People who were the first members of their family to successfully complete studies will also be invited to attend these events and talk about their experiences.