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Pupil societies

The work of pupil societies is to promote the interests and abilities of pupils and familiarise them with the university environment at an early stage. Pupil societies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin are pupil working groups held on a regular basis and led by university teachers and students.

Why pupil societies?

While pupils at school (and in particular in sixth form) are equipped with an in-depth general education and preliminary scientific skills that make them capable of further study (at least on a theoretical level), schools and universities still represent extremely different learning, teaching and living environments with different practices and ways of thinking. Pupil societies offer preparation and an introduction to the new, generally still alien learning environment of a university. They provide pupils with a place to experiment, discover and orientate themselves, and are designed to promote learners’ interest and openness to science and research.

Pupils are given the opportunity to become familiar with university activities and with academics’ daily lives by stepping into a researcher’s shoes. This opens up new and interesting areas of activity for participants. Free from the pressure to perform, pupils explore and make discoveries in accordance with their interests, independently investigating specialist areas and acquiring an overview before beginning a course of studies. Participants come into contact with current research topics which are extremely relevant to everyday life, as well as with scientific working methods. Pupil society content thus goes far beyond the boundaries of usual school material.