Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Professional School of Education

Research college

The PSE research college’s main focus is creating an increasingly research-orientated framework for teacher training. Teacher training students are incorporated in professional teaching research contexts, and receive support in designing and completing empirical master’s theses as well.

The research college’s content focuses on the theme of ‘Learning and teaching under the conditions of heterogeneity’ - particularly relevant for the school system in Berlin. The PSE also undertakes interdisciplinary research related to teacher training.

Learning by research

At the PSE, learning by research is understood as follows:

Learning by research is accomplished when a research question is approached using scientific methods and achieves individual advancement of knowledge.

At the PSE, learning by research is primarily implemented in teaching sessions. The aim is to:

  • Learn content through research
  • Acquire basic empirical social research skills
  • Develop a questioning, reflective approach to personal school and teaching practice.